Show Me Integrity plans Capitol advocacy day


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A new bipartisan coalition is planning to launch its statewide effort with a day of education and advocacy in Jefferson City next week.

On April 10, Show Me Integrity will hold a day of education and advocacy on opposing decreasing voters’ power.

Attendees will learn about such reforms from grassroots organizers, receive training on effective advocacy, and have an opportunity to speak to legislators. The day will including information on dark money, fixing “broken elections” through modern voting systems, empowering everyday citizens in the political process, and more.

“Across the political spectrum, we can agree that we need an effective government of, by, and for the people,” said Rob Schaaf, son of former-Sen. Rob Schaaf, of Show Me Integrity. “Not for big money, powerful lobbyists, special interests, and divisive partisan games.”

Tout as a bipartisan coalition, Show Me Integrity touts their aim at protecting the people’s ballot initiative process and cleaning up state politics.  

A press release pointed to current efforts by lawmakers to walk back measures approved by voters at the ballot in November. In the 2018 General Election, voters approved an amendment that expanded the Sunshine Law, limited lobbyist gifts, and set new redistricting standards. Since then, several bills have been introduced in the General Assembly that would make alterations to that constitutional amendment and change the initiative petition process.

In addition to protecting the people’s initiative process, the group will focus on banning dark money, modernizing elections with reforms promoting voter engagement and election security, and advancing cross-partisan solutions to decrease the corrupting influence of big money in politics. It will also oppose the “Better Together” proposal to merge St. Louis City and St. Louis County through a statewide vote.

*The Rob Schaaf working with Show Me Integrity is former-Sen. Rob Schaaf’s son. An version of the story incorrectly referenced the termed-out Republican lawmaker.