Conservation Day at the Capitol marked as another success


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The executive director of the Missouri Conservation Federation, Tyler Schwartze, is proud to celebrate the success of Conservation Day at the Capitol on Wednesday.

Schwartze mentioned that the Federation was pleased with how many people were in attendance. Members, elected officials and bystanders came to appreciate the outdoors and give positive feedback as the event continued throughout the day.

“The Conservation Federation is very happy about how many affiliates and members turned out to celebrate,” Schwartze told the Missouri Times. “We were very excited to see how many passionate outdoors people who were in attendance today.”

“I think it was received very well,” Schwartze continued. “The amount of the people in support that attended was overwhelming. We also got some very positive comments from both the elected officials and our members.”

Conservation Day, which many refer to as Eagle Day with the visit of a bald eagle, seeks to advance several of conservation priorities as push for legislation that would help preservation efforts, as well as bring people closer to Missouri’s natural heritage.

“We’ve been working on several different things,” said Schwartze. “Our organization, as a whole, works to get people outdoors and ensure the conservation of Missouri’s wildlife and natural resources. We do that through the preservation of our state’s rich outdoor heritage through advocacy, education and partnerships. Our members strive to see that we get people outdoors and involved and engaged as well.”

For Schwartze, the highlight of the day came when honoring Rep. Done Rone and Sen. Jason Holsman for working to preserve conservation.

“I think honoring the legislators of the year, which were Rep. Don Rone and Sen. Jason Holsman, for their hard work that they’ve done. Also, having the eagle from the World Bird Sanctuary ­- that was a hit. There were just tons of students and members and elected officials that came out to get their picture taken.”