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Behind the lawmakers: Lisa Kolkmeyer, wife of Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer


The charming and humble Lisa Kolkmeyer, the daughter of a pastor and missionary, moved to Wellington when he father became pastor at the First Baptist Church. 

Kolkmeyer is the high school sweet heart of Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer. The Kolkmeyers have run Energy Transport Solutions, Inc., located in Lafayette County, for almost 30 years and been married for 38. Since her husband took office, Kolkmeyer shared their son, Eric, has “stepped up to the plate and began running the company when Glen ran and won the House seat.”

She oversees the accounting and bookkeeping for the company, but the company isn’t the only family affair.

“Politics definitely involves our entire family,” Kolkmeyer said. “We have all walked in parades, knocked on doors, attended events and helped with Glen’s campaigns.”

The Kolkmeyer family includes two married children and five grandchildren. 

“They are always in awe of going to the Capitol and seem to enjoy visiting. The grandchildren think Papa’s office is pretty cool especially since their pictures are in his office!”

You can also see the entire Kolkmeyer clan regularly visit the Capitol – the entire family – including familiar faces in Eric and Heidi Kolkmeyer, came for Kolkmeyer’s first legislative ball. 

“I have special memories of the first inaugural ball. All of our children and grandchildren were able to be at that special event as well as several of our extended family members and friends. It was a special time of celebrating Glen’s victory and this new adventure in politics.”

Kolkmeyer said she was nervous when her husband jumped into public service, but the resounding impression she leaves on everyone she meets says she must not be anymore. 

“I was very nervous as politics is definitely not my cup of tea,” Kolkmeyer said of her husband running for office. “It was overwhelming and seemed very daunting to me.”

Kolkmeyer did not have an inkling her now-husband would run day run for office when they met. “It wasn’t even in my realm of possibility.”

Outside the Capitol, the Kolkmeyers enjoy camping and hosting BBQ. The grandchildren enjoy mule rides with “Papa.” They’re also very active in their church, with Kolkmeyer going on a mission trip to Brazil each summer since 2012. As a child, Kolkmeyer lived in Brazil for 11 years. She speaks fluent Portuguese. 

Regardless, it seems as if Kolkmeyer is enjoying her political adventure as well.

“It is a lot of hard work to run for public office and it takes a team of people to make it all possible,” Kolkmeyer said. “We have met so many wonderful people, not only in our area, but also across the state of Missouri that we would never have met otherwise. 

This piece is featured as part of the Missouri Times’ Behind the Lawmaker appearing in the January 2019 Missouri Times Magazine.