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Ben Brown earns exclusive endorsement by Fraternal Order of Police

Ben Brown, republican candidate for State Senate District 26, announced today that he has received the sole endorsement from the Fraternal Order of Police in his primary. Brown is a businessman and conservative activist who rose to prominence during the Covid-19 pandemic while fighting government attempts to close our businesses and schools. When the government shut down Brown’s restaurant, he used his inventory to help feed law enforcement and first responders throughout the community.

“I am honored to announce today that I am the ONLY candidate in my race to be endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police,” Brown said in a statement. “After reviewing the positions and records of all the candidates, they chose to offer me their exclusive endorsement because of my long-standing support of law enforcement and commitment to being their voice in the state legislature. In a time when so many liberal politicians are seeking to defund the police, now more than ever we need conservative fighters willing to stand up and say enough is enough! In the state senate, I’ll ensure our officers have the tools, resources, and funding needed to keep our families and themselves safe.”