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Catanese to syndicate content with The Missouri Times


— In an effort to better connect readers with national politics, The Missouri Times will start syndicating the work of Dave Catanese in addition to producing occasional unique, Missouri-specific content.

Catanese runs a website called “The Run 2016” that delves into the politics of the 2016 presidential race “in hopes of getting out front and early” of the already-developing races, he said.

Dave Catanese
Dave Catanese

In addition to spending some time with Politico, Catanese has recent roots in Missouri as he worked for Springfield’s KY3 as a political reporter from 2005-2010.

“I have a lot of friends there and it’s close to my heart because I lived there,” he said. “I’m excited to bring my content to Missouri readers.”

The agreement with The Missouri Times allows the publication to pull 10 articles per month from “The Run 2016.”

“Sometimes that would involve Missouri things,” Catanese said. “But it’s all very oriented to 2016.”

Scott Faughn, publisher and owner of The Missouri Times said he has been looking forward to announcing this agreement for weeks as the groundwork was being worked through.

This option, he said, allows the publication to reach an area of politics that’s both unique — which he said is something he always has strived for — and is collaborative to benefit the work of a well-respected, national writer.

“We’ll be able to reach out to Dave when there is an issue in Washington that impacts Missouri or involved the Missouri delegation, and that’s a really great asset,” Faughn said.

Catanese lives in South Carolina and he said his future plans involve a lot of traveling — “reporting on the ground” from places like Iowa and New Hampshire.

“I want to get an idea of what these early state voters care about because really, as we know, that’s how this process starts,” he said about preparation for the 2016 presidential election. “That’s more important than sitting in a D.C. office talking to the same five consultants all the time, I think.”

In addition to reporting, Catanese said he wants to provide analysis about “what’s really going on with what [candidates] say and what they mean.”

“I want to start to introduce people to the players that I think are going to be the feature candidates,” he said.

Next weekend, Catanese will be in Missouri at the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference, which he said he is looking forward to in order to further discuss with Missouri Republicans what their thoughts are about Syria.

“I like the idea of forming partnerships with organizations that care about politics,” he said. “Plus, it’s always great to expand audiences. I’m looking forward to what’s next.”

Readers can be on the look out for content from Catanese as early as this week.