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CAUTHORN: How can Northeast Missouri expect O’Laughlin to show up for them?


Dear Editor,

In what appears to be a trend for Cindy O’Laughlin, a candidate for the Republican nomination for the 18th Senate District in northeast Missouri, she failed to show up for a debate today that was hosted by the Missouri Times on This Week in Missouri Politics and will air on tv this Sunday at 11 a.m. in the St. Louis media market on ABC 30, in mid-Missouri on MC 22, also in Kansas City and Springfield, and online at

The failure to appear for an opportunity to answer questions about her views on various issues affecting northeast Missouri has been a consistent theme for candidate O’Laughlin. Earlier this summer she failed to show up for a debate in Marion County that was hosted by local realtors and has continually failed to show up for various events across the Senate district where large numbers of voters have gathered for an opportunity to hear from the candidates in the race.

Her absenteeism isn’t just an issue when it comes to debates, it has plagued her while serving in public office. It’s well documented that she missed 58 votes during her short stint on the South Shelby School Board and was FIRED from her position by the voters of Shelby County.

Over recent weeks, hundreds of thousands of dollars from special interest groups have poured into northeast Missouri attacking Craig Redmon and Nate Walker on behalf of O’Laughlin. Yet, if you were to ask her, somehow she is the victim in all of this. I have a clear message for Ms. O’Laughlin: Some northeast Missouri voters may have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night.

That’s because special interest groups closely tied with O’Laughlin have been responsible for a number of the negative attack ads occurring in northeast Missouri. In fact, prior to running for office, O’Laughlin was actually responsible for this sort of advertising when she chaired an organization that has literally spent millions of dollars utilizing similar tactics. Coincidentally, this same group is supporting her and attacking Redmon and Walker.

Even though voters in northeast Missouri support President Trump, Cindy has never been a fan. It’s becoming very easy to see why. Northeast Missouri voters support the president, not necessarily for any individual policy position, but because he tells it like it is and is not afraid of a fight. After seeing Cindy O’Laughlin’s penchant for cowering in the corner when times get tough, it’s easy to see why she is so negative towards our president – they are polar opposites!

If Cindy O’Laughlin isn’t willing to show up when times get tough, how can we expect her to show up for us in the Missouri Senate? These are troubling trends and voters of northeast Missouri need to think twice if they are seriously considering supporting Cindy O’Laughlin on Election Day.


Sen. John Cauthorn
Former Republican State Senator, 18th District