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Columbia Mayor Brian Treece not seeking re-election next year


Columbia Mayor Brian Treece announced Friday he will not be running for a third term next April. 

“Every day is consumed with the honor and responsibility of being your mayor,” Treece said during a briefing. “I am proud to leave a legacy of opportunity and equality for everyone in Columbia, but that pace is just not sustainable with new professional opportunities and responsibilities that I look forward to next year.”

“I wanted to give the next mayor the opportunity to organize their vision, to organize their campaign,” he said.

Treece said he would continue his work to “place Columbia on an even stronger foundation” for the next six months by investing in mental health and public safety. He challenged the community to come together in the face of political division and continue improving the city alongside its next leader. 

Treece noted the city’s work to combat the COVID-19 pandemic over the past year and a half; Columbia saw the state’s first COVID-related death last March and has seen conflict over health mandates throughout the pandemic. 

Treece also noted the economic development projects undertaken during his tenure and praised other city officials for their work behind the scenes. 

“Our community has the best leaders, who help us in times of calm and in times of crisis. Now our city and community are safer, stronger, healthier, and more transparent than we’ve ever been.”

Treece won the office in 2016 after serving as chair of the Downtown Columbia Leadership Council and the city’s Historic Preservation Commission. He and his wife started TreecePhillips, a lobbying firm in Jefferson City. 

During his tenure as mayor, Treece emphasized the city’s neighborhoods, tax investments, and infrastructure. He won his second term in 2019. 

The election is scheduled for April 2022. Filing for the election opens next month.