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Emery, Onder both recognized as ALEC Legislator of the Week


In recent weeks, the American Legislative Exchange Council and FreedomWorks has recognized two Missouri Senators for the work they have done as lawmakers. Sen. Ed Emery is the most recent ALEC Legislator of the Week with Sen. Bob Onder earning the same honor two weeks before that.

Read Emery’s introduction here and Onder’s here.

The recognization has sparked dissatisfaction from a group that disagrees with ALEC.

“The American Legislative Exchange Council has a long history of pushing fundamentalist extremism in the legislation they send home with their members,” said Brad Bauman, a spokesperson for Stand Up To ALEC. “They invite their politicians to high priced resorts, wine and dine them with lobbyists and big donors, and then fly them back to their state capitols where ALEC’s model bills then appear out of nowhere.”

Sen. Brian Munzlinger and Rep. Bruce DeGroot have also been recognized as ALEC Legislators of the Week in 2018.