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Serve America Movement endorses Clean Missouri amendment


On Wednesday, SAM, the Serve America Movement, announced its support and endorsement for Amendment 1, Missouri’s redistricting and political reform measure that will appear on this November’s General Election ballot.

“Redistricting and political reform are among our key electoral reform priorities,” SAM CEO Sarah Lenti said. “Amendment 1 will give Missourians a greater voice in Jefferson City to increase transparency, and accountability in state government.”

SAM is a 527-organization with the mission to break the self-interested stranglehold of the two-party monopoly over our politics and build a new political party for a new American majority.

“We are proud that SAM, the Serve America Movement, is joining our broad, cross-partisan coalition of reformers committed to clean up Missouri politics,” said Amendment 1 spokesperson Benjamin Singer. “Together, we will put Missourians before big money, powerful lobbyists, and partisan games, and take power away from special interests.”

This fall, Missouri voters will vote on Amendment 1 to reform how the state draws its legislative boundaries and bring reform to state politics. The measure will:

  • eliminate almost all lobbyist gifts in the General Assembly
  • require that legislative records be open to the public
  • lower campaign contribution limits for state legislative candidates
  • require politicians to wait two years if they want to become lobbyists
  • ensure that neither political party is given an unfair advantage when new maps are drawn after the next census, by adding criteria for fairness and competitiveness of the overall map, which will be reviewed by a citizen commission and keep compact and contiguous districts

“We’re at a unique time in American politics,” said SAM Chief Strategist Reed Galen. “Across the country, reformers, independent candidates and new political movements are organizing, making their voices heard and bringing real change to our broken political system.”