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Final week in the House: Monday, May 13

During the last week of the session, The Missouri Times will bring you updates of floor activity of each chamber. Below is all the floor activity in the House from Monday, May 13. For live updates on the Senate, click here.

The House adjourned at 7:15 p.m.

HB 192, criminal justice reform, TAFP 138-11 

The bill is designed to prevent Missourians from being jailed simply for not being able to pay off court fees. The Senate added a mandatory minimum sentencing overhaul to the bill.

General Assembly sends criminal justice reform measure to governor

HB 138, Simon’s Law, TAFP unanimously 

Five years in the making, the bill establishing Simon’s Law — which would prevent a physician from putting a Do Not Resuscitate order on a minor without notifying the parents — has been truly agreed and finally passed.

Simon’s Law given unanimous approval, sent to governor’s desk


HB 1006, anti-discrimination against Israel, passed 92-55

Picking up where former-Speaker Todd Richardson left off, Rep. Holly Rehder is championing a bill that prevents any public entity from entering into a contract with a company, except a sole proprietorship, that is boycotting Israel or territories under its control.

“This prevents us from going up against our state’s economic policies and interests,” said Rehder.

Democrats — and a few Republicans — pushed back against the bill, arguing it is unconstitutional by violating the freedom of speech.

SB 184, workforce development, passed 114-31 as amended 

The bill is very similar to Sen. Lincoln Hough’s SB 68 and modifies the Missouri Works Training Program to the Missouri One Start Program.

Rep. Nick Schroer, as he did with SB 68, added the General Motors expansion incentive package to the bill as an amendment. But the version added is scaled-back.

“We stripped out some of the stuff that I know some of us in here and some of the senators had problems with,” said Schroer. Neither the closing fund nor the Fast Track grant program is included in the amendment.

The amendment did add a requirement for any company receiving the tax credits to retain 90 percent of the amount of employees.

Schroer noted for every $1 spent, the return would be $9.39.

A proposal by Rep. Peter Merideth to send the bill, with the General Motors incentive package, to fiscal review failed 47-102.

‘GM Lite’: House proposes job retention requirement without Fast Track, closing fund

House gavels in at 4:04 p.m.

The legislative day officially got underway shortly after 4 p.m. with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. The chamber then introduced special guests, approved the House journals from May 9, 2019, and May 10, 2019, and read reports from committee.