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House Democrats offer ‘plan to keep Missourians safe’


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri House Democrats released a statement today promoting a plan regarding refugee programs, which they say offers real action in contrast with Republicans’ “do-nothing approach.” The release was issued one hour ahead of a House committee hearing scheduled to address refugee concerns. 

Democrats hope to see larger support for law enforcement, as well as strengthened cyber-security.

“We must stay true to our values and the rule-of-law as we prepare for future threats,” said Assistant House Minority Leader Gail McCann Beatty, D-Kansas City, in a statement. “House Democrats will fight attempts by Republican party leaders to establish internment camps or religious databases. House Democrats will focus on what actually keeps Missourians safe — building information sharing capacity, securing critical infrastructure, enhancing state and local cybersecurity capabilities, and assisting local government.”

“Republicans want to sit on their hands and do-nothing” Beatty continued in a statement. “Failing to fund services won’t keep Missourians safe today and it won’t guard against emerging threats to our safety. Now is the time for action. Democrats are proposing we take immediate steps that preserve individual rights and respect the rule of law while keeping our families safe. Now is the time to build expertise in cybersecurity, increase the capabilities of law enforcement, and train local government. House Democrats are demanding we prepare not just for today’s challenges but also for tomorrow’s.”  

See the Keeping Missourians Safe Fact Sheet released by House Democrats for more details on the “Keeping Missourians Safe Plan.”