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Koster to appeal ruling on SB 5

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Attorney General Chris Koster announced Tuesday morning that his office would appeal Monday’s ruling that declared certain provisions of SB 5 unconstitutional.

“SB 5 passed overwhelmingly with strong bipartisan support, to stop municipalities from abusing citizens through excessive ticketing practices,” he said in a statement. “A municipality should not depend upon prosecuting its citizens in order to fund the cornerstone functions of government.”

Koster also noted that one provision which lowered the cap for all traffic-related revenue for all cities and municipalities in the state was still in effect.

Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Glendale, sponsored SB 5 through the Senate, and said he was glad Koster had decided to appeal the ruling.

“Last night, I called on AG Koster to appeal the ruling from a lower court and I support his announcement today stating he will in fact appeal,” Schmitt said. “For too long citizens have been viewed as nothing more than ATMs for some bloated local governments. I remain confident the Missouri Supreme Court will uphold our historic reforms.”