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Lasater receives $250k for Senate campaign


INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Republican leaders in Missouri are throwing their support – and money – behind former state representative Brent Lasater via a political action committee targeting the district.

Lasater, R-Independence, is seeking the senate seat for District 11 this election, and recent contributions look to propel him into the seat.

Those contributions, all donated within the month, to the Kansas City Missouri Republican Senate PAC add up to $250,000.

Three donations of $50,000 each came from Citizens for Jay Wasson, Citizens to Elect Mike Kehoe, and southwest Missouri millionaire and political activist David Humphreys.

Humphrey’s donation came in late September, while the other two were made on Otober 22nd and 23rd, respectively.

The fourth and largest contribution comes from the Committee to Elect Ron Richard, which donated $100,000 on October 22nd.

The Kansas City Missouri Republican Senate PAC was created on September 12th, and lists Ron Richard as the treasurer.

Lasater’s Democratic opponent in the District 11 Senate race says this is why he supports limiting campaign contributions.

“This is just a typical case of why we need to look at campaign finance,” Rep. John Rizzo, D-Kansas City, said. “It allows one or two people to have a much bigger megaphone than the majority of people. It allows millionaires and billionaires to circumvent the process, so to speak, and outweigh the voters.”

Lasater responded to Rizzo’s statement in a Facebook message, saying:

“I find it funny that Rizzo is shouting reform when he himself spent over $400k so far. I didn’t receive that money. Ruzzo is a whiny boy and a hypocrite. The change in Jeff City will be him leaving and electing me. If you would investigate my money background, I didn’t have lobbyist money and gifts like him and any campaign I’ve been in has been very low in money. He thought he was going to have the baton passed to him and waltz in. Now he has a fight.”