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Local nurse Sarah Oerther files for Phelps County Commissioner seat


Local nurse Sarah Oerther has announced her campaign to be the next Phelps County Commissioner for District 1. Citing a lifelong passion to help others, Sarah says this next step of public service is where she feels called.

“Now more than ever, it is important for those of us in the healthcare field to be involved in government at all levels. I am always looking for the best ways to use the gifts and passions God has given me to better our communities. I’m no politician, but now seems to be the right time to help ensure that government is working for us.”

Legislative priorities have been set by Sarah early on. She announced that her primary focus revolves around three key initiatives: life, health, and education. “I know that life begins in the womb and ends in the tomb,” she stated. “Life is a gift and should be valued above all else, which means I also strongly support the right to defend life through the second amendment and for all to be entitled to ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.’”

“Here in Phelps, we have a major hospital. Plus, the county commission supervises the county health department. As a nurse, I want to ensure affordable, accessible care for our rural community. Likewise, we have to make sure that we live within our means and government doesn’t stand in the way of economic progress, particularly in our rural communities so dependent on agriculture.” 

“I want to promote education through this position. Students of all ages must be given opportunities to succeed, and the public must be aware of how taxes are being used. Transparency is always a virtue in government,” said Oerther.

As an adjunct faculty member of the School of Nursing at Saint Louis University, Sarah has spent her career in the healthcare field both researching and practicing public health. She holds two master’s degrees in nursing and education and is a current PhD candidate at Saint Louis University. Her days are spent teaching nursing students clinical skills, presiding as Vice President of the Missouri Nurses Association, and volunteering in the finance committee of the Phi Gamma chapter of the Honor Society of Nursing.

“The best part of what I do is knowing I’m helping prepare our workforce with bright future health care professionals. We need to make sure that ethics and empathy always guide our lives regardless of what we choose to do, which is why I work to instill this mindset in my students each day. I will bring this mindset with me to local government.”

In addition to her academic background, Sarah was elected to serve as the Chair of the Phelps County Extension Council. More recently, she was appointed by Governor Parson to the Missouri Net Oversight Committee. “I am honored that the governor and my peers have faith in my abilities to serve our state in these capacities,” she said. “I will continue to always work to make our community a great place to live.”

Sarah and her husband, Daniel, are the proud parents of two children and attend Greentree Christian Church. 

Sarah has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on her campaign.