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McGee looks to serve as Assistant Minority Floor Leader


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Rep. DaRon McGee is looking to take his service to the next level by representing his party as assistant floor leader.

The freshman Democrat announced his intention to run for the position through an email to his colleagues on Tuesday. McGee currently services the Democratic House caucus as the caucus secretary.

“I think that I can better serve my members as assistant floor leader,” said McGee. “I think that it is really important — now that we are in this transition, post-Greitens — that we work together to move the state forward. I looking forward to working with the Governor and working with the majority party to really make Missouri better and to find a way to help all citizens of Missouri.”

The representative from Kansas City was first elected to the Missouri House in 2015 and has served on the budget committee for two years. He has pushed for a piece of legislation called “Blair’s Law,” which sought to change the law to prohibit the firing of a weapon for celebratory purposes inside city limits. He’s also worked with Rep. Jeanie Lauer in bringing 911 services to the entire state.

He noted that his experiences in the House “has allowed me to see the positive differences we can make through our continued hard work and diligence to tackle the tough issues facing our state.”

“I am proud to serve alongside you and hope that you will support me for Assistant Minority Floor Leader,” McGee wrote in a letter to colleagues. “We still have much work ahead of us and we can make a difference.”  

He plans on reaching out to the members of his party to discussion legislative agendas, as well as how, as a caucus, they can more effectively advocate in the General Assembly. McGee said he is looking forward to those visits.