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Missouri Right to Life proclaims success in targeted races

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri Right to Life PAC released a statement sharing 84% of endorsed candidates won their primaries last week, while 90% of their endorsed candidates were victorious in the House. The nine targeted primaries that they highlight are the ones that they claim an active role in, including Dr. Bob Onder’s victory in the 2nd Senate District and House incumbents targeted by Missouri Club for Growth PAC.
The nine MRL-PAC target races they released were:
                Senate Dist. 2, Bob Onder
                Senate Dist. 24, John Ashcroft
                House Dist. 3, Nate Walker                        
                House Dist. 7, Mike Lair
                House Dist. 34, Rebecca Roeber
                House Dist. 130, Jeff Messenger
                House Dist. 144, Paul Fitzwater
                House Dist. 151, Tila Rowland-Hubrecht
                House Dist. 155, Lyle Rowland