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MOGOP Chairman Graves welcomes President to Missouri


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Ahead of President Trump’s rally in Springfield later this evening, Missouri Republican Party Chairman Todd Graves released the following statement:

“It’s a pleasure to welcome President Trump back to the Show Me State. The President’s tax reform and economic policies have greatly benefited Missourians, and empowered local companies like Dynamic Fastener, K.C. Power and Light, and Great Southern Bank to hand out bonuses and reinvest in the economy,” said Graves.

Graves continued, “Josh Hawley has continually pledged his support for President Trump while Claire McCaskill has obstructed him at every turn – even vowing to vote against Judge Kavanaugh. It’s time to replace Claire McCaskill with someone who reflects the values of hard-working Missourians, and President Trump has been extremely helpful in that effort. We’re happy to have him back in Missouri, and look forward to a great rally tonight.”