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#MOSEN Daily Round-up: July 26

Jefferson City, Mo. — With the Senate primary elections soon drawing to a close, the Missouri Times will put out daily updates on how each candidate is spending their final week on the campaign trail.

Republican Candidates

Eric Schmitt: Tuesday was another quiet day for Schmitt no public appearances, though he held three rallies over the weekend with Texas Senator Ted Cruz.

Schmitt caught some minor flack Tuesday for using the logo of and filming in a restaurant in Kirkwood, Spencer’s Grill, without permission, the Riverfront Times reported. Schmitt used a look-alike in a Spencer’s Grill branded T-shirt after the restaurant refused to let their logo be used in a Schmitt ad that debuted last March and continues to air.

“Being the stand-up guy he is, he put our logo in the commercial against our wishes and took a T-shirt off our shelf and put it on one of his own people and had them act like a staff member,” Spencer’s official Facebook account posted.

The Attorney General is setting up for a flurry of events being held from Wednesday through next Monday in what he’s calling the “Save America Tour.” Schmitt’s last-minute tour will start in the Ozarks and range from St. Joseph, Mo. to St. Louis.

With the most cash on hand, he’s expected to flood the airwaves this week.

Vicky Hartzler: Congresswoman Hartzler continued her Heartland Tour Tuesday, focusing more on rural communities than she did during her Monday tour.

Hartzler toured through Nevada, Mo. Carthage, Mo. and Neosho, Mo. Hartzler currently has events planned for the rest of the week.

After focusing in on the Kansas City area yesterday, it appears Hartzler is trying to pull more votes from Congressman Billy Long, who retains loyal voters in Southwest Missouri.

Mark McCloskey: Like Hartzler, McCloskey is also spent his Tuesday in Southwest Missouri. The attorney hosted a meet and greet at the Joplin greenhouse and will be attending the Newton County Watermelon Feed at the same time Hartzler is.

McCloskey also joined Pete Mundo on KCMO talk radio Tuesday.

McCloskey said he is “trying to meet as many human beings as possible,” in his last week before the primary. He added that he’s doubled his radio ad spending as the race draws to a close.

Eric Greitens: Former Gov. Eric Greitens’ team did not respond to requests for information on his campaign. The embattled candidate does not have any event information on his candidate website or his Facebook.

Greitens went onto Pete Mundo’s “Politics and a Pint” event Monday evening. It was the former Navy Seal’s first public appearance since his closed deposition about alleged child abuse in his custody battle with Sheena Greitens, his ex-wife.

Democrat Candidates

Trudy Busch Valentine: Busch made a media appearance Monday afternoon on KMOV, a rarity for the nurse and Senate candidate.

Busch Valentine also held three “PhoneBankaThons” Tuesday but did not hold any public rallies, according to her website.

The Busch beer heiress has used her personal fortune to spend enormous amounts of money on advertisements lately. Since starting in the St. Louis and Kansas City markets, she has branched out to Columbia, Mo. and Springfield, Mo.

Lucas Kunce: Kunce didn’t have any public events Tuesday. He’s gearing up for a big run of rallies in Missouri’s metropolitan areas after holding a town hall in Southeast Missouri.

Kunce did make news when his team sent a cease and desist order to Trudy Busch Valentine she aired an ad that he alleges contained “false, misleading, and defamatory statements about Mr. Kunce,” KZRG reported.

Kunce is being heavily outspent, though he is on the air in St. Louis, Kansas City, Columbia, and Springfield markets but has put a focus on digital content.

Kunce’s next event will be a rally in Columbia, Mo. on Wednesday.

Editorial Note: As the Aug. 2nd primary approaches, The Missouri Times will cover where each candidate spent their final days on the campaign trail

Featured Image: U.S. Senate Candidate appears on KMOV. (KY3)