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Moving Wall brings over 30,000 to Capitol


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Over 30,000 people are believed to have passed the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Moving Wall in front of the Capitol building in Jefferson City since its opening ceremony last Thursday to pay tribute to a monumental event in the history of America that still affects the people of America.

As families and kids of all ages visited the site from Sept. 24-28, emotions could be spotted among the faces of the visitors. There were veterans who could identify the names of friends on the wall, while there were kids who were oblivious to the Vietnam War and the implications of the fallen veterans.

The non-profit organization Jefferson City Veterans Council headed the efforts to bring the half-size replica of the wall in Washington D.C. to the Missouri’s Capital, while volunteers comprised of local member groups coordinated the reading of the total 58,307 names on the wall.

Before the closing ceremony on Monday, volunteers re-read the names and hometowns of the Missourians on the wall.

The task of bringing in a mobile wall of this stature and size is a heavy endeavor and requires extensive units of volunteers. The Jefferson City Veterans Council led the charge in recruiting more than 200 volunteers for the arrival and maintenance of the wall. Some volunteers even held 10p.m – 7a.m shifts due to the 24 hour opening of the wall to the public.

The five-day event was highlighted by prominent speakers, distinguished guests, museum exhibits, and educational programs.

The original Vietnam Veterans Memorial was conceived by Jan Scruggs of The Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund, Inc. With the support of congressmen and the consent of President Jimmy Carter, the site was built in the span of three years and a half. The idea and the result of the memorial site gained much attention and praise that another idea to provide a mobile wall was introduced to the nation’s capitals.

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