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New information links LG PAC and Greitens

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – As the mysterious LG PAC prepares to make another million dollar media buy, more information about the group that’s so far released only one tv spot, an attack on John Brunner, has started to surface.

Monsees, second from left
Monsees, second from left

Little is known about the PAC — it’s registered federally and does not have to disclose its donors — except for its treasurer, originally listed as Hank Monsees and now listed as Richard Monsees. Friday, KMBC reported that Monsees attended an Eric Greitens event and a Facebook post appears to show Monsees making phone calls for the campaign.

That event was May 19. A statement of organization for LG PAC was filed with the FEC May 15.

While the connection was denied by the Greitens campaign, it was strong enough for Brunner’s campaign manager, Michael Hafner, who has been strongly critical of the secretive committee, to launch a Twitter barrage.

If a Greitens-connected PAC is attacking Brunner, it wouldn’t be the first time the two campaigns have attacked each other through anonymous committees. An anti-Greitens PAC under federal and state investigation has connections to the Brunner campaign through a former staffer.

In a recorded phone call between the two candidates last November when the anti-Greitens ads were running, Greitens called Brunner a “weasel” and a “coward” over the attacks.

Brunner has been criticizing the anonymity of LG PAC since it started airing ads against him this month.

“There should be some transparency going forward here. People need to know,” he said on This Week in Missouri Politics. He also said the ad put out by the PAC was wrong.

The ad says that Brunner has had tax liens against him and secret bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. Brunner has not only denied the claims, his campaign has sent letters to the tv stations detailing the inaccuracies and asking that the ads be taken down.

“Mr. and Mrs. Brunner have never filed their personal income taxes late and no tax liens have been filed against them,” wrote Mark Green, the campaign’s manager, in the letter. “Mr. and Mrs. Brunner have paid Missouri taxes on all their income and have never opened a foreign account for the purpose of avoiding Missouri or Federal taxes.”

But lawyers for LG PAC, Charles R. Spies and James E. Tyrell III, of Washington, responded with evidence they say supports the claims of the ad.

“The letter from Brunner is a desperate attempt to conceal his embarrassing record of late and delinquent tax payments,” their response reads. “Each and every statement in the advertisement is carefully worded, documented and supported.”

You can read the full complaint and response below.

LG PAC’s attacks go beyond the blatant too. The PAC and its website have been designed to make it look like it’s supporting Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder. From the name of the committee to it’s inclusion of a story about Kinder’s opposition to the Obama administrations school bathroom ruling, alongside stories promising attacks on the other candidates in the race soon, it looks like a Kinder tool. It also says the PAC is “promoting proven experience in government.”

But the LG PAC would be a violation of a pledge Kinder has made to campaign cleanly and the site’s attempt to fake Kinder support could be read as an attack on him as well.

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