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Opinion: Want to save babies and protect women? Vote for Andrew Koenig and Ann Wagner

For 47 years, we have listened to the lies of the abortion industry — first saying that a baby in the womb is a blob of tissue and still to date not acknowledging that the baby in the womb is a human being deserving of our protection. A “basic human right.”

While they claim that HB 126 was a “heinous ban on abortion,” let’s break it down into what that means:

Susan Klein

First, the ban on abortion does not occur until after eight weeks of conception.  A woman will have had the right to an abortion for eight weeks after conception.                                                                                                      

Second, the ban on abortion is when the baby in the womb has a beating heart.  

Third, the ban on abortion protects the discrimination of babies from being killed based solely on the reason that they have special needs or if they happen to be a girl or boy.

What is “heinous?” Abortion procedures on babies with beating hearts.  

Look up the different abortion procedures and see how babies are torn apart while they feel horrendous pain and flushed down toilets after being aborted.

If abortion is “common” and “normal,” then the question to ask ourselves is what kind of a society have we become?

Andrew Koenig is a family man who has stood up and is a voice for the unborn and for the woman and her family. Andrew has fought to provide funding for health care for the woman who finds herself in a crisis pregnancy, during pregnancy, and afterwards.

With the exception of Jill Schupp in the 2nd congressional district race, Rep. Deb Lavender has one of the most pro-abortion, anti-woman voting records regarding abortion than anyone else in the Capitol. Lavender and Schupp have been outspoken on the House and Senate floors attacking pregnancy resource centers because they have a connection with churches. Lavender and Schupp have attacked these centers, and in essence, the churches for protecting unborn babies and pregnant moms.  

Extremists like Deb Lavender and Jill Schupp do not represent Missourians who value innocent human lives and pregnant moms. Lavender and Schupp stand regularly to deny a tiny baby in the womb the most basic of all human rights … the right to life!

On November 3, protect unborn babies and our families …