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Opinion: Women deserve safety, not defunded police


This article originally appeared in the Fall 2020 edition of The Missouri Times Magazine.

Joe Biden may appear to be a “good guy” vanilla candidate, but his policies are anything but benign. Biden and his radical left handlers and running mate, Kamala Harris, are a lethal cancer to our American way of life. They want to replace freedom with socialism and have defamed and vilified our law enforcement heroes as “the enemy.”

Jenna Ellis, senior legal advisor for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

The one policy issue crystal clear from the bizarre DNC dis-infomercial is that Biden has absolutely zero respect for the constitutional design of the presidency and American government. We the people get to select and regularly reconsider our leaders, giving them limited power for the specific purpose of preserving and protecting our fundamental rights.

Part of that protection is the security we enjoy as Americans through law enforcement. Biden and the Democrats have consistently shown how they are willing to use and then undermine Black Americans and women, and defunding police and vilifying law enforcement shows just how dismissive Biden is toward the groups that are impacted most by all manner of crimes and domestic violence.

As a woman, a former prosecutor, defense attorney, and a sexual assault survivor who went through the legal process to hold my attacker accountable, I have worked with police officers and law enforcement personally and professionally across the board. Law enforcement officers are generally hardworking people who care deeply about the work they do and truly go above and beyond to serve and protect their communities.

I’ve also worked with countless women who have been victims of crimes and women who are concerned about neighborhood safety for their children. We understand that law enforcement must be readily available in emergency situations in order to provide ongoing safety and protection for us and our families. Women don’t need social workers in place of law enforcement. We need justice.

But Biden and the Democrats don’t care about any of that. Biden pretends to care about women only to demand our vote — as if he’s entitled to it. But women aren’t monolithic voters, and we care about substance. Biden is actually worse than empty promises. He presented himself as a clear and present danger to women and our families when he said that he would “absolutely” take action to “redirect” law enforcement funding.

Instead of working to bring law enforcement and communities together, Biden is stoking fear and division and putting women at risk.

American women don’t want to defund police — American women want law and order.