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Our First Guest Column by former Governor Bob Holden

I look forward to sharing with the readers of the Missouri Times some of the thoughts and insights I have gained since leaving public office.bob holden

My six years as a State Legislator; my eight years as State Treasurer; and my four years as Governor gave me some of the most rewarding times in my life – all of which has given me the window to see the world and the experiences I want to share with you.
Serving as Chairman of the Midwest US-China Association headquartered in Chicago and after being past Chairman of the Midwest Governors Association, I have come to realize just how critical it is that we in the Midwest must work together as a region if we truly want to create a substantial number of new jobs and a region our children will call home.
Secondly, we are in a global world with competitors aggressively and relentlessly trying to take our best talent and best jobs to other parts of the world.  That is why we must open our doors and encourage more immigrants to make the Midwest their home.  I realize this more and more every day as a Professor at Webster University – a truly global university and the work with my Holden Public Policy Forum at Webster University; and as a task force member of the Chicago Global Council on Immigration Reform.
Not only do we need to enhance our talent base, we must strengthen the institutions that are responsible for training them.  The cultures that create the twenty first century technologies will lead the twenty first century economy.  I want us to be leaders not followers in shaping that future.  We are the “breadbasket of the world” and the “patent capital” for the world in high quality manufacturing; we can lead future generations by developing the twenty first century talent pool and building the intellectual and physical infrastructure that it will take to lead.
These are some of the areas plus many more I want to share with you, the readers, in the coming months.

Bob Holden was Governor  of the State of Missouri from 2001 – 2005 where successfully saw the state through its worst financial crisis in generations. He is now the Founder and Director of The Holden Public Policy Forum at Webster University in St. Louis, and one Missouri’s leading statesmen. He can be reached via his website at: