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Press Release: Reports show American Dream PAC and Mike Kehoe Campaign raised $1 Million last quarter

ST. LOUIS – The American Dream PAC today reported more than $600,000 in the second fundraising quarter of 2023, while another public report for Mike Kehoe for Governor showed his campaign raised another $500,000, bringing the combined total for the quarter to more than $1 million to defeat Career Politician Jay Ashcroft.  Notably, the American Dream PAC and Mike Kehoe campaign raised $1 million since career politician Jay Ashcroft announced his campaign for governor on April 6, 2023. “These impressive fundraising numbers illustrate that we will have the resources we need to ensure Missourians know the disastrous record of establishment career politician Jay Ashcroft,” said Rich Chrismer, a spokesperson for American Dream PAC.    The American Dream PAC raised $641,932.33 during the second quarter of 2023 and has $2,947,640.10 cash on hand.