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Press Release: House Republicans confirm Majority Floor Leader


Republican members of the Missouri House of Representatives released a letter today confirming their support of Representative Alex Riley for Majority Floor Leader.

The letter reads:

Our leadership in the House next year will be very important for promoting the continuation of good Republican values. We want to make sure we have the right people in place to begin working on important caucus items.

We, the following members of the Missouri House, support Alex Riley as our next Majority Floor Leader!

The following House members signed the letter:

Rep. Dave Hinman

Rep. Sherri Gallick

Rep. Melanie Stinnett

Rep. Travis Wilson

Rep. Renee Reuter

Rep. Kyle Marquart

Rep. Danny Busick

Rep. Mike McGirl

Rep. Tricia Byrnes

Rep. Ann Kelly

Rep. Holly Jones

Rep. Tara Peters

Rep. Donnie Brown

Rep. Dane Diehl

Rep. Ken Waller

Rep. Brad Banderman

Rep. Brad Christ

Rep. David Casteel

Rep. Lisa Thomas

Rep. Ben Keathley

Rep. Mitch Boggs

Rep. Wendy Hausman

Rep. Bill Allen

Rep. Phil Amato

Rep. Ed Lewis

Rep. Peggy McGaugh

Rep. Micheal O’Donnell

Rep. Jeff Coleman

Rep. Bishop Davidson

Rep. Terry Thompson

Rep. Rodger Reedy

Rep. Justin Sparks

Rep. John Black

Rep. Chris Sander

Rep. Dave Griffith

Rep. Doyle Justus

Rep. Jamie Gragg

Rep. Jeff Myers

Rep. Philip Oehlerking

Rep. Richard West

Rep. Bob Titus

Rep. Gary Bonacker

Rep. Tony Lovasco

Rep. Willard Haley

Rep. Chris Brown

Rep. Jim Murphy

Rep. Jim Kalberloh

Rep. Chad Perkins

Rep. Cameron Parker

Rep. Josh Hurlbert

Rep. Michael Davis

Rep. Jeff Farnan

Rep. Bill Hardwick

Rep. Dean Van Schoiack

Rep. Sean Pouche

Rep. Louis Riggs

Rep. Bruce Sassmann

Rep. Bill Owen

Rep. Brian Seitz

Rep. Ben Baker

Rep. Brad Pollitt

Rep. Dirk Deaton

Rep. Brenda Shields

Rep. Kent Haden

Rep. Greg Sharpe

Rep. Bennie Cook

Rep. Scott Cupps

Rep. Jeff Knight

Rep. Jonathan Patterson

Read the full letter  here