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Press Release: State Representative Travis Smith Announces Candidacy for State Senate

State Representative Travis Smith, a dedicated Constitutional Conservative and public servant, announced his candidacy for the State Senate, bringing a wealth of experience and a commitment to preserving the values cherished by the people of Southern Missouri.

A true son of the Ozarks, Travis Smith’s roots run deep in southern Missouri. In expressing his motivation for seeking higher office, Smith reflected on his family’s history: “My grandfather was a postman, my grandmother was a Christian homemaker that put family above self, my mother was a teacher at the local high school teacher and college and my father a dentist who never turned anyone away because they couldn’t pay. I am a small businessman, high school sports coach, and first-generation farmer. I chose to stay here and invest in Southern Missouri because I believe in our way of life and our people,” Smith said.

Known for his unwavering patriotism, Travis Smith stands firmly for the National anthem, advocates for honoring veterans, and makes no apologies for being a patriot or a Christian. As a Constitutional Conservative, he pledges to fight for the unborn, uphold Second Amendment rights, and steadfastly defend property and privacy rights. “I am the first to say that I believe in my God, my country, my people and myself in that order,” Smith said.

With over 20 years of experience successfully owning and operating a small business, Smith said he understands the importance of local commerce. His collaborative efforts with business owners have led to the growth of local commerce, bringing jobs and revenue streams to the rural Ozarks. “There has never been a more pressing time in our country or in our state to have strong, conservative leadership in government. Each election holds the power to move us forwards or backwards. My plan is to keep us on the path to success.”

Travis Smith currently represents Douglas, Ozark, Stone and Taney Counties (District 155) in the Missouri House of Representatives. Elected to his first two-year term in November 2020, Smith brings a diverse background as an economic developer, high school track coach, and community leader. Smith was named Freshman Legislator of the Year by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce. He holds a BA in English from the University of Missouri and an MBA from William Woods University. Smith had also served as a board member on numerous organizations including the Chamber of commerce, the Howell County Development Committee, Library Board and Ozarks Healthcare. During a time when many rural hospitals were closing, Smith lobbied in DC and helped obtain 58 million dollars’ worth of funding to help expand his community hospital.

Born in West Plains, Travis Smith now resides in Twin Bridges with his wife, Karen, and they are proud parents of four children and one grandson Dwayne that loves fishing with his grandpa every chance they get. He has retained Victory Enterprises as consultants on his race.