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PSC considers MEEIA cases


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri’s Public Service Commission (PSC) set a schedule to consider rates and tariffs filed by Evergy Missouri as part of the Missouri Evergy Efficiency Investment Act (MEEIA). 

Staff recommended adjustments and disallowances on filings for both Everygy West and Evergy Metro earlier this year, and both companies requested a hearing to contest them. The commission consolidated the cases into one and requested a joint procedural schedule from the companies, Staff, and the Office of Public Counsel (OPC) but received a separate proposal from the companies. 

The commission ordered a schedule with adjustment to allow time for responses and remote hearings, setting dates for testimony, conferences, and hearings on the case through the end of the year. The schedule was approved during Wednesday’s agenda meeting. 

MEEIA allows utilities to earn a profit off of electricity saved from voluntary energy efficiency programs offered to customers. Utilities can recover losses through rate adjustments and earn a profit while investing in energy efficiency. 

The PSC also approved a stipulation and agreement over Ameren Missouri’s request for an extension of its MEEIA plan, set to expire next year, through 2022. The extension was approved under the condition that Ameren continues to comply with MEEIA and commission rules.

The PSC approved a request from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) to alter a stipulation and agreement filed by the Empire District Electric Company. The agreement, issued in 2019, allowed Empire to build a pair of wind generation facilities in Barton and Jasper counties. 

The original agreement included a provision that allowed MDC to conduct traffic count surveys with funding from Empire. The department requested the deletion of that section, saying it had refocused on other issues and no longer wanted to move forward with the survey. 

The commission also clarified an agreement and stipulation over Empire’s rate design and tariff sheets. The order included adjusted rates to tariff sheets due to overcollections accepted by the company in 2018. The commission clarified that the amendment of reported funds from the file was due to the adjustment of credits based on the refunds for collections during that period. The PSC also said the adjustments in its filings were accurate. 

The PSC will continue to meet remotely for the foreseeable future. The next agenda meeting is set for Aug. 12.