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Rain and flooding impacting Missouri plantings

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Rivers throughout Missouri are moderately flooded thanks to heavy rains, and many are thankful that the rivers are finally receding. However, the persistent rain and flooding has already impacted corn and soy plantings, the two largest crops in Missouri.

From Northeast Missouri down to Southeast Missouri, soy plantings are delayed by the above average rainfall, while corn farmers may be looking at replanting.

Corn generally must be planted between April and May in Missouri. While April saw below average rain levels, May saw almost 3 inches more than average and June is also on pace to exceed the average — partially due to remnants of Tropical Storm Bill spanning the midwest.

Soy can be planted between mid-April and late-June. Sources say that soybean planting across the state is behind, with only half of what was planted this time last year planted. Though there is discussion about corn prices rising, it is too soon to speculate on soy prices as there are a few weeks left of planting.

Fortunately, the majority of Missouri farmers carry private crop insurance, which helps to offset the cost of damage. The crop insurance deadline for soy is coming up between now and the end of the month.

Crop planting generally requires a few days with little to no rain for seedings, depending on the available equipment.