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Rammaha in race for Rep. Cloria Brown’s seat


ST. LOUIS, Mo. — In the race for Rep. Cloria Brown’s seat, Ron Rammaha wants to make his district “a better place to live for the next generation.”

Ron Rammaha

A pro-life, pro-family candidate that believes in the first and second amendments, Rammaha wants to unify his district for the benefit of the community.

“We could make a change if we all work together and bring jobs to the district,” Rammaha said. “Bringing businesses and jobs to the area has a direct impact on education, health, and life in our community.

“We need to bring more jobs to the community. I’ve done it before.”

According to Rammaha, Missouri and his district have to have economic growth, which includes growing businesses and creating jobs. He also wants to reduce the size of government, keep money in the pockets of citizens through tax reform, improve education, and support veterans and first responders.

The South County Republican has lived and worked in Missouri for more than 30 years. For more than two decades he has been a small business owner, actively involved in his community and the Republican party. Ron has been as an alternate delegate to the Republican National Convention and has assisted in the presidential campaign of George W. Bush. He also assisted in the Missouri campaigns for Sens. John Ashcroft and Jim Talent.

“I am ready to serve and lead the charge in bringing strong paying jobs to the people of this district and throughout the state of Missouri,” said Rammaha.