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RELEASE: Courtland Sykes announces U.S. Senate run in Missouri


U.S. Senate Candidate Courtland Sykes Kicks Off Campaign by Pledging to Limit Himself to Two Terms, to Support Smaller Government, and to Support the President’s ‘America First’ agenda.

“It is time to elect leaders who understand how to be servants,” Sykes said. “We need a change from ladder climbers and career politicians.” On Tuesday, Courtland Sykes announced his candidacy for the Missouri United States Senate race in 2018. Sykes pledged to limit himself to serving two terms in the Senate.

Courtland Sykes will be running as an outsider, but has already received support for his campaign. “We have talked with thousands of Missouri voters so far, and we are finding that folks are receptive to our message of change,” Sykes said. “Voters are tired of establishment and career politicians.” Courtland went on to explain that he supported smaller government and lower taxes.

Previously, Sykes served in the Navy for eight years while deployed in several conflict zones. “I made decisions every day that meant the difference between Special Forces units going home or not. I know on a personal level what it means to make difficult decisions. Today there is a disconnect between the politicians in Washington making decisions and the American people who are impacted by those decisions. We need to replace career politicians with Americans who understand the public whom they represent,” Sykes said recently at a VFW in Cape Girardeau.

Courtland is a political outsider who will focus on fixing Washington. His platform includes cutting taxes and government spending, advocating for traditional conservative values such as strengthening the military, and supporting the President’s ‘America First’ agenda. Courtland used the GI Bill to earn a degree in government, and he lives in Jackson County with his family and his dog.