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Release: Vote Yes on 3 For Kids Releases Second Television Ad: “It’s Time”


Ad Touts Benefits of Early Childhood Education, Notes Funds Will Benefit Kids & Families—Not Jefferson City Politicians


ST. LOUIS—Today, Vote Yes on 3 for Kids launched its second TV ad, titled “It’s Time.” The ad, narrated by a Missouri child, lays out the benefits of early childhood education, and how Amendment 3 works.


As the ad points out, early childhood education has a wide variety of societal benefits: it helps raise graduation rates, improve a state’s workforce, and grow the economy. Amendment 3 will fund early childhood education by raising Missouri’s lowest-in-the-nation cigarette tax—meaning that only smokers will pay. Finally, the Amendment ensures that the money goes to help children and families, and that politicians can’t divert a dime of it to their own pet projects.


“Given the high stakes for Missouri’s kids and future, we are aggressively getting out the message about Amendment 3 and its benefits,” Jane Dueker, spokeswoman for Vote Yes on 3 for Kids, said. “Study after study shows that early childhood education helps improve educational grow the economy. It’s also important that Missourians understand a few key facts about the Amendment. It will be funded by raising our lowest-in-the-nation cigarette tax, meaning that only smokers will pay. And the money is constitutionally required to go to help families and children, so that the Jefferson City politicians who have shortchanged education for too long won’t be able to get their hands on it.”


“It’s Time” can be viewed here:


“It’s Time” Script:


OK, go!

It’s time for early childhood education.

Every child in Missouri deserves pre-K!

Hey wait for me!

Investing in our education will improve the economy.

Preparing kids like me for better jobs. Raising graduation rates.

Missouri has the lowest cigarette tax in the nation.

You don’t smoke, you don’t pay. Politicians can’t touch any of the money.

Not a dime.

Sorry politicians. It’s for our education.

Vote yes! Our children deserve it!