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Schmitt launches ‘Protect Life Coalition’

ST. LOUIS – Sen. Eric Schmitt, R-Glendale, announced a group of anti-abortion advocates Thursday that will serve as his treasurer campaign’s “Protect Life Coalition.” The group consists of current and former state legislators and pro-life activists from across the state who Schmitt says will work as a “sounding board” on issues relating to abortion.

“Traveling our great state has given me the opportunity to meet many amazing Missourians who have dedicated themselves to important causes including supporting the right to life,” Schmitt said in a statement. “As a father of three I can personally attest to the fact there is no greater gift than holding your child for the first time and watching that child grow.”

The group will consist of current state Sen. Bob Onder and his wife, Allison; former Reps. Carl Bearden and Melissa Leach; Missouri Alliance for Freedom President Ryan Johnson; Concerned Women for America of Missouri Bev Ehlen; Pathway editor Don Hinkle; state Republican operative Carol Wessel Boyer; and Doug Austin of Cape Girardeau.

Schmitt served on the Senate Interim Sanctity of Life Committee, which investigated Planned Parenthood’s operations in St. Louis and Columbia, and has been consistent on other anti-abortion causes in his time in the Senate. He earned the endorsement of Missouri Right to Life in the race to become treasurer.

He will face off against the winner of the Democratic primary, either former U.S. diplomat Pat Contreras or former state Rep. Judy Baker.