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Senate campaign updates: money, challenges and coming events


Senate District 2 

Chuck Gatschenberger (R)


Raised this quarter: $ 51,641.56

Raised last quarter: $ 12,565.85

On challenges so far: “Getting everything together, you’re moving into another environment, a new campaign structure, a bigger district. And campaigns for Senate have a little more back and fourth I think. Being in the House for five years like I have, when you’re opponent was in for one term and didn’t do much, it’s easy to take shots at somebody actually doing some work.”

Next event: Small business round table from 3-6 p.m. on Nov. 14 at Tatman Funeral Home, they have a community hall.

“We’ll have the NFIB and the Economic Development Center of St. Charles County. It has to do with: what can the state do for small business. I give them a piece of paper and I ask them to write, first, what law would need to be changed, done away with or modified to make your business more successful? And then I [ask how] would you go about that process and why? It gives me a chance to really talk to small businesses and see what they need.”

Bob Onder (R)


Raised this quarter: $ 37,933.00

Raised last quarter: $ 53,881.73

On challenges so far: “Honestly, having run for state rep before and run for congress before, I actually think senate has been really fun and rewarding experience. Both of my races in the past were very short, I wasn’t running for very long. Having over a year to run, it is great to be able to put together the ground game and the network of grassroots supporters that you need. Social media has helped, you know, it wasn’t part of our strategy in 2006 or 2008. One has to raise more money for senate than representative. But it’s not as expensive as running for congress.”

Next event: This Friday, Oct 18. It is at the home of a supporter in West St. Louis County.

*A response from SD 2 candidate Vicki Schneider’s was not received in time for publication.

Senate District 9 

Casey Guernsey (R)


Raised this quarter: $ 112,750.00

Raised last quarter: $ 150.00

On challenges so far: “This district is such a huge district. I’ve always had a large House district. My first district that I ran in was seven counties, my current one is four. That’s multiple school districts and towns and counties. But that is multiplied over several times with the size of this district. This is a whole different ballgame. It goes down into a suburban area that I haven’t campaigned in before. I have a lot of strong support from friends in that area. It’s a challenge just because of the size, but it’s also been a real pleasure to see how well it has played both in the rural areas I’m in a and the new suburban part. I’m used to having an opportunity to get to know everybody in every community on a personal level.”

Next event: We’ve got a series of fundraisers coming up across the district in various locations. We’ve got events for this month and for next month in several places, not all of the dates are finalized yet.”

Senate District 10

Jeannie Riddle (R)


Raised this quarter: $ 44,392.30

Raised last quarter: $ 18,391.70

On challenges so far: “Logistics. Trying to figure out your personal time versus your time as a lawmaker and then your time as a candidate to campaign, you just have so much going on I think the biggest challenge is just staying organized and making sure you’re doing everything you want to do.”

Next event: “I haven’t finalized the dates, but in early or mid November I’ll tour the senate district, I’m going to visit every country in the district and hold some events and talk to as many voters as I can. I’m still working with some folks to get the logistics worked out, but that’ll be the next thing I do.”

Ed Schieffer (D)


Raised this quarter: $ 18,299.65

Raised last quarter: $ 11,951.48

On challenges so far: “Educating people on the Democratic performance in that district — it’s not nearly as Republican as people think.” – Consultant Ryan Burke

Next event: Concert event in Wentzville featuring “Almost Heroes.” The concert is 7-11 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 26 at the UAW Hall (1395 E. Pearce Blvd) in Wentzville. Admission is $20. Also at the event: Attorney General Chris Koster.

Senate District 22


Jeff Roorda (D)

Raised this quarter: $ 58,500.68

Raised last quarter: $ 27,994.41

On challenges so far: “Keeping Jeff from working too hard.” — Consultant Ryan Burke

Next event: Tailgate brunch fundraiser before the Rams game on Nov. 24 at the Kelley Group in downtown St. Louis.

Paul Wieland (R)


Raised this quarter: $ 13,982.01

Raised last quarter: $ 23,000.53

On challenges so far: “Juggling all the different things happening now. A lot of pre-veto session work kept me really busy, and the port committee and the lead task force were time consuming things. All of those things take away campaign time. And my wife and I own a small insurance agency. The biggest challenge is trying to have the time to do everything they want to do and juggle everything happening in your life.”

Next event: “We have something scheduled Jan. 25. It’ll be major fundraising event in Jefferson County. We’re meeting soon to nail down a location and figure out exactly what the fundraiser will be, but I know it’ll be the 25th.”

Senate District 24

Jill Schupp (D)


Raised this quarter: $ 84,578.85

Raised last quarter: $ 23,000.53

On challenges so far: “There just aren’t enough hours in the day. I am meeting with constituents and learning more about legislative issues and I’m working on a campaign. I love what I do so I work 24/7.”

Next event: “We have several events scheduled this quarter (nine scheduled), but they are all hosted by individuals. We’d prefer not to publish event details without their permission.

I can say that Jill is very excited that Governor Nixon has offered to help her raise money this quarter, Secretary of State Jason Kander will be headlining an event for Jill in December. AG Koster has been very helpful and Treasurer Zweifel has also offered to headline an event this quarter or next.” — Mike Pridemore