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Senator Bean to host event in Jefferson City

Senator Jason Bean is hosting an event in Jefferson City in the coming weeks . Bean represents the 25th district, which encompasses a large swath of Missouri’s southern border, including the bootheel.

Bean was born and raised in the bootheel, where he still runs his family farm. Bean is a University of Missouri graduate and holds a degree in agronomy. He has been a senator since 2022.

Like many other legislators, Bean is planning an event that will showcase his constituents to his colleagues. This is easier said than done, as the drive from district 25 to Jefferson City can be anywhere from three and half to four hours.

But Bean is not alone in his attempt to bring his constituents north.

Robbie Myers is the emergency management director for Butler County and he met Bean while working on an earthquake seminar in the bootheel.

Now Myers is helping plan an event that is supposed to help Bean in his endeavor. The event will include foods from some restaurants local to district 25, including some Southeastern Missouri Bar-B-Q.

“We are very excited that Senator Bean is being proactive, to try and bring this together,” Myers said.

Myers is also hopeful that this event will give citizens and business owners from the bootheel an opportunity to make connections in Jefferson City that would be difficult to make otherwise.

“Opportunities, whether it is for investment or recreation, we always like sharing that with other people in other parts of the state,” said Myers.

Bean’s event will take place on February 15th. The full event details can be found here.