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Shawan announces; Website aims to assist southeast Missourians amid coronavirus


Shawan is the former Emergency Management Director for Butler County

Representative Jeff Shawan announced Tuesday that he had launched, a website aimed at providing information and resources to southeast Missourians amidst the coronavirus.  The website allows for users to submit a request for assistance receiving information on the coronavirus or local resources available for those in need.

“Right now people are desperately in need of accurate, up-to-date information and resources related to COVID-19,” Shawan said.  “I saw a need and realized there are a lot of southeast Missourians going without the information they need to stay safe or who are in desperate need of basic resources but have no way of getting these things.  People have a lot of questions and my plan is to connect anyone who submits a request with the information and resources they need.”

Shawan said he spoke with local healthcare professionals, first-responders, and drew on his own experience as a former Emergency Management Director while creating the site.  “Everyone I spoke with thought it was a great idea and said it was needed. The website will be dynamic, in the sense that we will continue to update it as new information and resources come to light,” Shawan said.  “Right now citizens are googling trying to find resources on their own. Maybe their elderly relative lives in a neighboring county.  We are trying to provide a one-stop shop for people in SEMO to be able to get what they need.” Beyond the request form for assistance, the website also includes a directory of local resources available for residents and links to several governmental websites offering assistance to Missouri residents.

The website will continue to be updated as new information and more resources become available. For more information, access the directory of resources, or to request assistance please visit