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Skeletal remains found on Missouri lobbyist Kerry Messer’s property


STE GENEVIEVE, Mo. – The investigation into the disappearance of Lynn Messer is taking another turn.

Authorities in Ste. Genevieve County are investigating the discovery of skeletal remains on the edge of the Messer family’s 250-acre farm near Bloomsdale.

Sheriff Gary Stolzer confirms the remains were found Tuesday night by a hunter, but says it could take months to identify the bones, and that it’s too early to say whether they relate to the case of Lynn Messer’s disappearance.

The 52-year-old wife of Kerry Messer was reported missing in July 2014. Kerry Messer is a Jefferson City lobbyist and the Missouri Family Network’s president.

Hundreds of searches have scoured the family’s property with no signs of Lynn. Searches continued, and have moved off the property.

A source close to the investigation tells the Missouri Times that Kerry Messer had locked up the farm and wasn’t there on Tuesday night.

That same source says Messer refused to turn over a key to the family’s property to law enforcement, but consented to giving it to one of his sons to allow law enforcement onto the property.

Both Aarron and Abram Messer, the couple’s sons, have been in touch with authorities, but would not comment on the record about particular details of the investigation.

Abram Messer says that, on the record, he can confirm that human remains were found, and that the FBI has been called in to assist in the investigation, with forensic teams combing the scene early Wednesday morning.

“We are continuing to do what we’ve been doing for the last two years. That is to seek the answers and try to work with law enforcement to find out what happened to my mother,” Abram told the Missouri Times.

When asked about more details, Abram declined to discuss anything further on the record.

He did say that he believes they will have some “solid, concrete answers soon.”