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Texts from the Trail: The Expectations Game

The fourth quarter fundraising numbers are due at the end of the week, so, of course, the days leading up to the deadline will be filled with candidates setting expectations about other candidates and themselves. We decided to set a few ourselves.

  • Lt. Governor Peter Kinder should be able to raise $250,000. If he does that this quarter and the next two, he will likely enter the paid media phase as the favorite.
  • Sen. Mike Parson needs to continue his impressive run of donors. Anything over $100,000 raised in the state for a lt. governor’s race is a big quarter. His opponent needs to show she can raise money from a variety of sources.
  • Rep. John Rizzo could go a long way toward putting his senate race away if he has raised $100,000.
  • His opponent Jessica Podhola began her race with rumblings that she would be able to raise $75,000 in her first quarter. She likely needs at least $50,000 to consider it a success.
  • Senator Kurt Schaefer would have to be thrilled with anything more than $600,000
  • John Brunner likely needs more than $1 over Eric Greitens to consider it a success.

Attack season is underway. It’s interesting that Greitens pointed his initial 2016 attack at Kinder. Republican attorney general candidate Josh Hawley shot a zinger this week at the entire Senate Sanctity of Life committee.

For those still angry about Stan Kroenke’s anti-St. Louis presentation, Mayor Francis Slay did an excellent job sticking up for the city and the state on KMOX.

Interesting to note that for the first ten days of 2016 the candidate second to Greitens in the number of over $5,000 contributions is candidate for state treasurer, Sen. Eric Schmitt.


Lastly, I hope that legislators in their zest for lobbying reform also increase the budget of the ethics commission to pay for someone to be a liaison to help well-meaning legislators and lobbyists comply with the new rules, with questions such as: what is the difference between a lobbyist gift of buying dinner for a legislator and an in-kind contribution of dinner to said legislator’s campaign?

Speaking of questions, former Senator Ryan McKenna had an interesting one. If the federal government refuses to recognize Missouri drivers licenses, and the state passes voter ID, then will you be able to vote in federal elections with your driver’s license?

$5,000+ Contributions

MECID Report Filed Committee Contribution Information Contribution Date Amount
C151053 1/8/2016 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI Ronald Krongold 130 S Hibiscus Dr. Miami Beach FL 33139 Self Employed Self Employed 1/8/2015 $5,001.00
C111100 1/9/2016 CITIZENS FOR BONNAYE MIMS CHIPP/PAC 1401 Hampton Ave. St Louis MO 63139 10/15/2015 $5,001.00
C071320 1/3/2016 SCHMITT FOR MISSOURI Langdon & Emison 911 Main St Lexington MO 64067 1/2/2016 $15,000.00
C031159 1/4/2016 KOSTER FOR MISSOURI Andrew O Brien 815 Geyer Ave St Louis MO 63104 O Brien Law Firm Attorney 1/2/2016 $10,000.00
C131073 1/4/2016 THE COMMITTEE TO PROTECT MO FAMILIES CHIPP 1401 HAMPTON ST LOUIS MO 63139 1/4/2016 $100,000.00
C031159 1/4/2016 KOSTER FOR MISSOURI Boyce and Bynum Pathology Laboratories, P.C. 200 Portland Street Columbia MO 65201 1/4/2016 $7,200.00
C151053 1/6/2016 GREITENS FOR MISSOURI Vincent Curran 808 Montparnasse Pl. Newtown Square PA 19073 Self Developer 1/5/2016 $5,001.00
C091068 1/7/2016 HOUSE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE, INC Citizens To Elect Rocky Miller PO Box 393 Osage Beach MO 65065 1/5/2016 $5,124.00
C091068 1/7/2016 HOUSE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE, INC Friends For Paul Fitzwater 12007 State Highway 21 Potosi MO 63664 1/5/2016 $6,050.00
C091068 1/7/2016 HOUSE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE, INC Friends of Robert Cornejo PO Box 346 St Peters MO 63376 1/5/2016 $7,500.00
C091068 1/7/2016 HOUSE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE, INC Fitzpatrick For House PO Box 701 Shell Knob MO 65747 1/5/2016 $9,000.00
C091068 1/7/2016 HOUSE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE, INC Friends of Todd Richardson PO Box 1226 Poplar Bluff MO 63902 1/5/2016 $100,000.00
C091068 1/7/2016 HOUSE REPUBLICAN CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE, INC Grow Missouri 308 E High Street Suite 301 Jefferson City MO 65101 1/5/2016 $25,000.00
C031159 1/7/2016 KOSTER FOR MISSOURI Kimberly Olson 12430 Tesson Ferry Rd #309 St Louis MO 63128 Olson Management President 1/7/2016 $10,000.00
C031159 1/8/2016 KOSTER FOR MISSOURI Robert Brinkmann 16650 Chesterfield Grove Rd Ste 100 Chesterfield MO 63005 Brinkmann Constructors CEO 1/8/2016 $20,000.00