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This Week in the Governor’s Office: Week of March 5, 2018


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Another week has gone by, and the Governor’s Office continues work as the investigation into Gov. Eric Greitens continues.

This week, the House’s investigative committee began their inquiry into the allegations against the Republican Governor, holding two hearings as well an organizational meeting.

Meanwhile, the defense of both the Governor and his office is also picking up, with the big news on Monday concerning the creation of a legal defense fund for the Governor.

Legal defense fund for Greitens created, House investigative committee prepares for first meeting

On Tuesday, a new release announced the formation of a legal defense fund for staff in the Governor’s Office.

Graves Garrett forms legal expense fund for Governor’s staff

That news was preceded by a letter from the Governor’s former charity, which he started in 2007. In the letter, The Mission Continues sought to clear the air concerning the use of their donor list by the Greitens campaign, saying they “will work to support the attorney general’s inquiry regarding the misuse of our resources by the Greitens campaign.”

The Mission Continues looks to distance themselves from founder and embattled Governor

In other news, on Monday, the Governor announced a new initiative that would seek to hold opioid providers more accountable.

The next day, Greitens was giving bear hugs – literally speaking, that is.

Following the news of a downed police officer in Clinton, Greitens took to social media to express his sympathies for the fallen Officer Ryan Morton.

And on Thursday, the Governor shared the following video, rejoicing in the news that Amazon would be bringing 1,500 jobs to St. Peters.

On Friday, the Governor hit the road once again, traveling to the bootheel, where he and several other politicians announced the reopening of the old Noranda smelter, returning somewhere in the realm of 400 jobs in New Madrid.

Magnitude 7 Metals announces plans to reopen Marston aluminum smelter, create 450 jobs

New Madrid: Old Noranda facility reopening?