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Time capsule opened via Periscope

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The time capsule that was extracted from the Missouri Capitol cornerstone last week was opened today via a Periscope live stream.

Initially, a camera was drilled into the capsule to examine the interior’s condition before opening. After many minutes of cutting, drilling, and sawing, the top of finally pulled back to reveal bundles of newspapers and documents in fantastic condition.

Over 260 Periscope users from across the country and world logged in to view the live stream with several dozen more watching the replay. Missourians from Kansas City, Kirksville, Lawson, St. Louis, and Springfield shared their location, as well as others from New Jersey, Florida, West Virginia, California, and Maryland and more global viewers from Holland, Jamaica, England, Turkey, Norway, and Botswana.

The contents included dozens of photos, books, and newspapers, as well as a mysterious brass tube. See slideshow for screenshots of books, photos, and newspapers. Newspapers highlighted World War I and earthquake news and cost a penny each. Pictures are expected to be online at

OA and the Capitol Commission are working hard to prepare for cornerstone centennial celebrations that will be held in conjunction with the Salute to America festivities downtown. On July 3, a new time capsule will be revealed. Any ideas for what to put into the time capsule can be submitted at or tweeted using the #MOTimeCapsule hashtag.

Periscope users can go back and watch the stream by adding @mogov on the app, available on Android and Apple platforms.



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