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UMSL buys golf course amid push for tax increase

Saint Louis, Mo. — The state’s only land-grant university system is adding just a little more land to the equation.

The University of Missouri system now owns a golf course. Specifically, they are the new owners and operators of Normandie Golf Course, which isn’t far from the UMSL southern campus and was purchased for $1.4 million. As the former owners were looking to sell, residents in the area were concerned that the pristine course would be sold to developers.

But UMSL has promised to maintain the land as a public golf course for at least 10 more years. UMSL and Walters Golf Management signed a 10-year agreement to that end, which was formally announced today.

The move comes as the university continues to push for tax increases both in the form of a cigarette tax “loophole” and in the form of their continued work against income tax cuts proposed by the legislature. University of Missouri system President Tim Wolfe was not immediately available for comment.

UMSL says the golf course was purchased using private funds financed through the Chancellor’s Council.