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Veto Session: House Updates


The Missouri Times will be bringing you updates from both the House and Senate for veto session. Find below the activity and votes of the House.

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Announcements and Introductions of Special Guests


House Bills Vetoed During Regular Session

HB 1022 – Authorizes a return of premiums paid by insureds

  • Vote during regular session: 149-0
  • Today’s vote: 122-38
  • Overridden by House

HB 1098 – Changes the laws regarding trust companies

  • Vote during regular session: 137-4
  • Today’s vote: 118-42
  • Overridden by House

HB 722 – Changes the laws regarding prohibited ordinances by political subdivisions

  • Vote during regular session: 105-48
  • Today’s vote: 114-46
  • Overridden by House

HB 618 – Changes the laws regarding the disposition of human remains

  • Vote during regular session: 144-6
  • Today’s vote: 123-35
  • Overridden by House

HB 116/569 – Prohibits an employer from requiring a person to become a member of a labor organization as a condition or continuation of employment

  • Vote during regular session: 92-66
  • Today’s vote: 96-63-1
  • Overridden attempt defeated by House

HB 799 – Changes the laws regarding judicial circuits

  • Vote during regular session: 139-12
  • Today’s vote:111-44
  • Overridden by House

HB 878 – Specifies that the Department of Public Safety must have the authority to commission corporate security advisors and establishes procedures to do so.

  • Vote during regular session: 132-4
  • Today’s vote: 115-40-2
  • Overridden by House

HB 42 – Changes the laws regarding elementary and secondary education.

  • Vote during regular session: 85-71
  • Members did not attempt an override vote

Recess until 6:15 p.m.

Recess until 7:15 p.m.

Quorum call

Messages from the Senate

Senate Bills Vetoed During Regular Session

SB20 – Creates a sales and use tax exemption for materials and utilities used by commercial laundries

  • Vote during regular session: 123-34
  • Today’s vote: 110-46-3
  • Overridden by House and Senate

SB142 – Requires the Department of Natural Resources to take certain actions when submitting certain plans the Environmental Protection Agency

  • Vote during regular session: 105-32-2
  • Today’s vote: 114-4-39
  • Overridden by the House and Senate

SB224 – Requires a student to be a United States citizen or permanent resident in order to be eligible to receive reimbursements from the A+ Schools Program

  • Vote during regular session: 108-38
  • PQ
  • Motion sustained – 112-36
  • Today’s vote: 114-37
  • Overridden by House and Senate

SB345 – Increases fees imposed by the Director of the Division of Finance

  • Vote during regular session: 116-35
  • Today’s vote: 114-37
  • Overridden by House and Senate


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