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War hero named next Missouri Attorney General

Jefferson City, MO– Today, Governor Mike Parson announced that fellow Army veteran Andrew Bailey will be named as the next Missouri Attorney General, to fill the incomplete term of US Senator-elect Eric Schmitt. Bailey, 41, a US Army veteran, former Warren county prosecutor, former General Counsel for the Missouri Department of Corrections, and current General Counsel to Governor Parson, will officially assume the role when Schmitt is sworn into office of the United States Senate in early January.

“When considering the next AG I looked for five core things, commitment to law and order, patriotism and respect to the constitution, conservative values, family values, and someone who would promote calm and steady, while never afraid to fight for Missourians,” said Governor Parson. “We know he is the right man for the job, not for just the next two years, but beyond. Missourians are in good hands with Andrew as their attorney general”.

Bailey also made it clear that he plans on running for reelection in two years in 2024. “I think the Governor has made clear his interest is again carrying on the legacy of excellence that my predecessors leave behind, but that the office needs stability and so I intend to provide precisely that”. Governor Parson then added that “He is gonna have the full resources that govern the state of Missouri, I picked him for this job and on the political side I’ll do everything I can to make sure of that”.

Questions about Bailey being as qualified as other candidates looking to fill the open attorney general seat were brought up during the press conference but were quickly shot down by Governor Parson.

“I don’t think when you look at his resume anybody is gonna have any questions about how qualified he is for the job. You are probably looking at somebody that has ever served in the Attorney General’s office as a United States Army veteran that I know of or hasn’t for decades. You probably haven’t seen anybody that has been the Attorney General that is a foster parent”.

Bailey was also very confident and seems ready for the job saying, “I am prepared for anything that comes my way, like I said, I have never backed down from a fight, I am battle-tested, and I am ready for this”.

Bailey was also a top candidate to fill one of two Missouri Supreme Court seats that will be opening up next year.