Elected Missouri officials to attend ‘This is Hunger’ tour


St. Louis, MO – Twenty elected Missouri officials will attend the THIS IS HUNGER tour Wednesday, July 5 in an effort to combat hunger within the state of Missouri. Empower Missouri will be teaming up with Mazon: A Jewish Response to Hunger to address the current condition of the state as second worst in the country on hunger-related issues.

Mazon states it is an organization dedicated to working to bring awareness of and to end hunger in the United States. THIS IS HUNGER is a display created by Mazon that shows the extent of hunger in the country, how it effects citizens and how one can potentially put an end to it.

State and federal officials will be attending a legislative reception along with religious and community figures at the nationally touring display to see to the problem that heavily effects the state.

Using this display, Empower Missouri, Mazon and the officials attending hope to emphasis the importance of the THIS IS HUNGER tour, especially inside the state. Hunger has remained a pressing matter in Missouri even if it has not seemed as apparent. Programs to combat hunger such as food stamps and local food banks are utilized by over a million Missourians.

The display is a 45-minute interactive tour that takes viewers through a vision of what life is like for those who suffer from hunger. The display was created to inform and to educate as it travels throughout the country.

Along with those already in attendance, The Greater St. Louis Legislative Caucus, which is composed of over 60 members of the Missouri General Assembly, has invited both members of GOP and Democratic Party to join in the reception.

Those involved in promoting the tour and its message will attend the event in St. Louis from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the United Hebrew Congregation at 13788 Conway Rd.