KANSAS CITY, Mo. – After less than two hours of ballot counting in the 17th senatorial district vacated by Sen. Ryan Silvey, Democratic state Rep. Lauren Arthur pulled out a victory beyond recent polling, defeating Republican Rep. Kevin Corlew 59.61% to 40.28%.

The special June election saw an incredible 20.16% turnout.

Two separate watch parties are happening Tuesday evening as Republican Rep. Kevin Corlew and Democratic Rep. Lauren Arthur await the results of a June special election. The results in Senate District 17 will hinge on who had the better get out the vote effort on an irregular voting day in Missouri.

Arthur and Corlew have been neck and neck in polling with Arthur outpacing Corlew in fundraising. However, in the last month, Corlew has enjoyed the support of potential Senate colleagues shelling out hundreds of thousands in support of keeping the north Kansas City seat red.

Both candidates have taken to tv, mail, and the streets with hundreds coming out for each to help with grassroots outreach. Jon Ratliff of Palm Strategic is running Corlew’s campaign, while Arthur’s campaign has been reportedly primarily navigated by the Missouri Democratic Party, where she formerly served as a committee executive.

Both representatives are completing their sophomore term in the House and both have significant accomplishments under their belt. Corlew, serving in the supermajority, has championed tort reform efforts, while Arthur has made her presence known in the superminority, serving on integral committees, including General Laws.

Campaign wise, the pair has sparred over education, labor, legal reform, and more, taking their message to public forums and debates and social media.

Corlew is a lawyer who previously served on the local school board and led local Republican organizations, while Arthur previously taught before becoming regional director for Urban Leaders Fellowship.

In 2016, SD17 voted for Republican President Trump at 52.7%, Democrat Jason Kander for U.S. Senate at 55.5%, and Democratic Attorney General Chris Koster for governor at 52%.

There are 61 voting precincts in the 17th Senatorial District.



8:40 p.m.

8:20 p.m.

8:12 p.m.

8:10 p.m.

8:05 p.m.

8:00 p.m.




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