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Press Release: Army Veteran Aaron McMullen announces bid for state senate in Jackson County

Conservative State Representative Aaron McMullen has announced his bid for the Missouri State Senate. The seat covers the Independence region and is currently held by term-limited Senator Rizzo, a Democrat. McMullen hopes to flip the seat if he succeeds in the Republican primary election in August 2024.

McMullen is currently representing Missouri’s House District 20, which covers part of the Jackson County region in areas such as Independence and parts of Buckner and Sugar Creek. Before running for public office, McMullen earned his bachelor’s degree from UMKC and his master’s from Washington University. He served in combat with the U.S. Army’s Airborne Infantry and was awarded medals for meritorious service under enemy fire. After that, he worked as a contract specialist with the Department of Defense.

“The Missouri Senate is in desperate need of genuine conservative leadership,” stated McMullen. “For too long it has been gridlocked by career politicians more interested in scoring political points than in the success of our state. As a former soldier, I know how to get things done efficiently, not just stand around talking about hypothetical solutions. I’m not afraid to roll up my sleeves and do the hard work. Now is our chance to ensure conservative values prevail.”

McMullen’s primary focus is to bring another conservative voice to the senate chamber. He believes that there are several priorities to address in the coming years. One issue is to halt government overreach into the lives of its citizens. Another major issue is reforming our current property tax system to make sure people in Jackson County are kept from being taxed out of their homes. Other concerns, such as cutting wasteful spending, supporting first responders, and protecting the unborn, are all mentioned in his campaign platform.

“Whether it was mandated shutdowns during the past few years or unconstitutional attacks on our First and Second Amendment rights, we need to fight back against government overreach into our daily lives. We need a state senator who will push for conservative policies and be an effective leader. We have had too many politicians in office touting their ‘conservative credentials’ but offering no real results. I believe that I can provide that much needed leadership.”

McMullen plans to be a strong voice for the people of Jackson County and a champion of the conservative cause in the state of Missouri. He and his wife, Lindsay, attend Independence Christian Center with their two young daughters. Aaron also serves there as an usher and spends his time gardening, practicing at the gun range, and volunteering in his community.

Aaron McMullen has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants for his campaign.