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Senate Hour by Hour for Monday May 8th

During the last two weeks of the session, The Missouri Times will bring you hourly updates of floor activity for each chamber. Below is all the activity in the Senate from Monday, May 8.

6:00 Hour

Senator Moon’s filibuster continued, this time talking finally getting to the substitute to SB 101. The Senate then adjourned under the rules.

5:00 Hour

Senator Moon continued his very emotional filibuster, this time about abortion and other topics.

4:00 Hour

Senator Moon opened up the last week by requesting a heartfelt point of personal privilege, talking about his family.

Senator Crawford then moved that SB 101 be taken up for third reading and final passage, and the house committee substitute for SB 101 be adopted. Senator Moon then spoke on the substitute and took some time reading through it and asking some questions. He also noted how he was “appalled” by some items that came through the Senate during his absence last week and argued that the Senate has not followed the Senate Rules as directed multiple times this session.

Senate gavels inĀ 

The legislative day got underway shortly after 4:05 P.M.