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Ameren Missouri expanding solar energy output

Ameren Missouri is expanding its solar energy generation across the state through its Neighborhood Solar Program, beginning in St. Louis

Ameren teamed with the Habitat for Humanity St. Louis and ReStore, a location dedicated to repurposing donated goods where solar panel canopies are under construction. The energy generated at the site will be used across Ameren’s service area with other locations in the works across the state. The site, known as the St. Louis Renewable Energy Center, is set to begin producing energy in August. 

“In addition to supporting our mission of providing affordable housing, our ReStore is also dedicated to lessening our impact on the environment, and we see growing solar energy generation at our store as another way that we can contribute to a more sustainable environment and further our mission,” Habitat for Humanity St. Louis CEO Kimberly McKinney said. 

Ameren already has its sights set on a second location with another installation at Southeast Missouri State University in the design stage. The project has also created jobs in St. Louis, with more than 50 workers involved in the construction. 

“We’re excited to collaborate with organizations throughout our community to bring more renewable energy to all of our customers and jobs to neighborhoods that need them,” Matt Forck, vice president of community, economic development, and energy solutions at Ameren Missouri, said. “Expanding solar generation with projects such as these will help transform the energy grid with more clean energy and contribute toward Ameren Missouri’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

The move is the latest in Ameren’s effort to transition to clean energy by the middle of the century; the company committed to investing $8 billion in grid modernization, infrastructure upgrades, and renewable energy initiatives over the next five years. Ameren recently branched out into wind power, purchasing its first wind generation facility in December. The company also plans to expand its hydro and nuclear generation portfolio and completely phase out coal-burning facilities by 2042.