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Capitol Briefs: House considers multijurisdictional law enforcement evaluation 


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A bill seeking to evaluate statewide data sharing for law enforcement is on deck in the Missouri Legislature this year.

HB 1088, sponsored by Rep. Barry Hovis, would establish the Task Force on Multijurisdictional Law Enforcement Data Sharing to review ways law enforcement agencies operating in multiple jurisdictions share data, including the Missouri Law Enforcement Data Exchange (MO-Dex). Hovis presented the bill before the House Committee on Crime Prevention Monday afternoon.

“There’s already a data-sharing task force set up which includes many professionals that are in the field of law enforcement,” Hovis said. “We’re not trying to replace that or change anything that’s in there right now; this is an item we felt it’s important that we do as a legislative body.”

  • The task force would consist of two senators, one from each party, appointed by the president pro tem in addition to three House members of both parties appointed by the speaker. 
  • The directors of the Department of Public Safety and Department of Corrections, the superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, and representatives from sheriff’s offices and police departments would also serve on the task force.
  • The group would be required to file a report on its findings and recommendations with the General Assembly by the end of 2022 and expire the following year. 
  • Only Hovis testified on the bill Monday.