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Capitol Briefs: Senate debates time limit for product damage suits


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — The Missouri Senate considered a bill that would create a time limit for lawsuits over injuries from products for more than two hours Tuesday before laying it over.

SB 7, sponsored by Sen. Jeanie Riddle, would allow a person injured by a defective or unsafe product 15 years from the product’s lease or purchase to sue for damages. The time limit would not apply to situations where manufacturers knowingly concealed defects or negligence, cases involving a government-issued recall, or where the product causes latent diseases.

“I ask you to vote yes on this bill and help make Missouri a manufacturing and business-friendly state where we are able to fairly compete with so many other states in the nation,” Riddle said.

  • An amendment from Sen. Jill Schupp would exempt products that do not clearly include an expiration date. Schupp said the amendment would “not only make things fair for the business but also fair for the consumer.”
  • Sen. Steven Roberts led much of the debate with Riddle, referencing various studies and court cases on products causing harm to consumers.
  • The bill was placed on the informal calendar with Schupp’s amendment still in play.