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Eigel defeats Zerr in Senate District 23

ST. CHARLES, Mo. – The labor movement lost another in a dwindling number of Republican labor champions in the General Assembly.

Rep. Anne Zerr lost to small business owner Bill Eigel, who also topped Wentzville Judge Mike Carter. Eigel was backed heavily by the Humphreys family, which is well-known for its fight against unions on right-to-work and paycheck protection legislation.

Eigel’s victory signals a shift in the ideology of the seat, as it previously belonged to former President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey before his decision to step down last summer. Dempsey was against right-to-work legislation.

The race was a close one as Eigel won by fewer than two points (40.3 percent to 38.9). Carter scored a hefty percentage of the vote as well with 20 percent, though it’s unclear if he took more from Zerr or Eigel, given his libertarian ideas.